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Driving for Wenger Feeds

Voted a Best Place to Work for six years in a row, Wenger's is also a best place to drive. Opportunities in our feed division begin on night shift. Our feed drivers work with safe, modern, and clean equipment, make local deliveries, and are home every day. Read on to learn more about driving opportunities with Wenger's.


Our Driving Core

Wenger's employs an average of 65 drivers. A feed driver's shift begins by loading the truck. (Pictured at right.) Drivers load 3 to 3.5 tons of bulk feed into each compartment of the trailer and deliver the feed to poultry and swine farms within an average 35 mile radius of their home mill. At the farm, drivers back the truck up to the feed bin and unload feed using an overhead auger (Pictured below). Some trucks are also equipped to blow feed into the bottom of a feed bin. Loads average in size from 19 to 28 tons depending on the type of feed and the type of truck used.


Our night driving team has a regular schedule beginning from 4 to 7 p.m. and working 9 to 12 hours. Our drivers average 50 to 55 hours a week Monday through Friday with some occasional Saturday hours. Night shift drivers have a regular schedule which allows them to be home daily. In addition, the work environment for a night shift driver is ideal for someone who enjoys working independently. Given the hours of the shifts, night shift drivers also have the advantage of encountering less traffic during their shift. Compensation is performance-based and competitive in the industry. In addition, like all Wenger employees, night shift drivers have the opportunity to grow with the company and interview for and transfer to other openings throughout the company.

Driver Training

All Wenger drivers are required to have a Class A driver's license. However, based on department needs, Wenger's will train the right candidate to obtain a CDL or a Class A CDL.

In March 2004, Wenger's started a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) school at the company's warehouse and garage facility in Rheems, PA. The school is staffed by the Transportation Supervisor with training by the Transporation Operations Assistant. The school is an exact replica of the PA state testing facilities. Students require an average of six weeks to complete the training. Wenger’s instituted this school in an effort to hire, train, and retain good drivers.

Drivers who are new to commercial driving will spend the first two weeks of training shifting an empty truck in the parking lot to develop basic driving skills. By the second week, many students are able to parallel park the truck into a designated area followed by moving the truck forward and in reverse with precision.

On the road training follows and lasts approximately three weeks. This training involves learning about lane placement, space management, turns, and set-up. Initially, students drive an empty truck and graduate to a loaded truck after approximately a week of instruction. Since feed drivers will operate the truck when full as well as empty, it is important that students recognize how the truck handles with a load and without.

Throughout the training period, students are instructed on DOT regulations and pre-trip inspections. Pre-trip inspections include safety checks of all critical areas including suspension parts, brakes, tires, belts, and hoses.

The final week of training is devoted to working on areas of concern to the student. Wenger's trains approximately 10 students a year. Wenger students have an 87.5% average passing rate.



Feed delivery trucks are owned and serviced by Wenger's and are replaced with frequency. All equipment is well-maintained, comfortable, modern, and safe. The average feed truck is 7 years old.

All trucks contain air conditioning, radios, and tape decks or CD players. Wenger's owns tractors produced by Mack, Peterbuilt, and Kenworth. All new equipment purchased is produced by Peterbuilt or Kenworth. Wenger uses Walinga trailers almost exclusively.

Wenger drivers are assigned to a tractor and trailer and every effort is made to allow them to operate the same equipment on every shift.



Wenger's owns five mills in Pennsylvania and operates a mill in Massey, Maryland. Our feed division makes deliveries within a relatively short drive of our six locations. The average delivery is 35 miles one way and can be completed in an average of two hours. Drivers will make an average of 3 to 5 deliveries per shift.


Descriptions of schedule and equipment is for demonstration purposes only. Open driving positions are listed on the Opportunities page. Questions? Call 1-800-692-6008 or e-mail Wenger's using our contact page.


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Our night driving team consists of approximately 30 individuals. Here is what some of them had to say about working for Wenger's:

How does a driving position at Wenger's compare to other driving jobs you've had?

"You are home every night, and you don't have to sleep in a truck." -Greg

What is the most surprising thing about the job?
"Being part of a team from the first day. I started at Wenger's with a month of driving experience, and I was surprised by how helpful everyone was. Even those drivers that had been at the company a long time would offer you tips, different routes to the farms, etc." - Ed